Glow-In-The-Dark Signs

Safe, energy-efficient exit sign options

Illuminated exit signs provide a safe and non-radioactive signage option. Supply your facility with Seton's long-lasting, durable glowing Exit Signs. Manufactured with light-absorbing, photoluminescent materials, our glow in the dark signs provide reliable visibility during an emergency. Our selections of photoluminescent exit signs are available in a variety of designs and messages. Ensure that exit directions are well-displayed even from across a distance, whether indoors or outdoors. And, since they do not rely on electricity, you don't have to deal with the hassle of internal wiring during installation. Photoluminiscent signs can function well for up to 25 years, and they are easy to clean and maintain. Provide your establishment with bold, attention-grabbing Illuminated Exit Signs from Seton.

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Save money and energy with emergency-ready photoluminescent signage solutions
If you're looking for environmentally-friendly signage for your facility, you might want to consider Illuminated Exit Signs. These glow in the dark exit signs function without conventional external power sources. Instead, they derive energy from light sources such as fluorescent lights, incandescent bulbs or sunlight. During power outages (or in other low-light conditions), the stored energy is released, providing light even in the absence of electricity.

Stop worrying about losing light in emergency situations
A persistent problem with typical emergency exit signs is their reliability. Maintenance issues, which include replacing batteries, bulbs, and various other parts that break down, can often become a hassle. In contrast, glow in the dark signs have no batteries or bulbs that need to be replaced. As such, they can be relied on to serve as directional guides without the likelihood of some part breaking down in the middle of an emergency. Furthermore, these signs are non-radioactive, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Photoluminiscent signs provide a simple and smart means for establishments to move towards more environmentally-friendly equipment. In the long run, companies could save millions dollars every year by supplying their facility with glow in the dark exit signs. Give the green light to green energy. Choose a high-quality Illuminated Exit Signs from Seton that best suit your needs.

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