Stairwell Signs

Identify staircases and floor numbers during emergency evacuations

Use Stairwell Signs to identify each stairway and floor for safe evacuation during blackouts. Stairwell Signs communicate proper re-entry directions, as well.

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You might not think that very much information could or should be on a Stairwell Sign.
The floor number, maybe a quick word or two would probably seem sufficient to most people. However, Stairwell Signs can include a lot more info than you think. Besides the floor number, letters are also used to identify which floor you're on. Directions like north, south, east and west may be used. Roof Access Up and Fire Extinguisher are two specific messages that might be added.
Additionally, there are different colours and sizes to choose from. And, if all of those options aren't enough, Seton offers customized stairwell signs for your business to include specific directions, messaging, etc.

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