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Lockout signs to effectively remind employees about lockout procedures

Lockout signs inform workers about the importance of emergency lockout procedures. Some employers favor long-lasting signs that can withstand chemicals, dirt and grime, as well as extreme work and weather conditions. Some, meanwhile, need to order signs that include specific information, such as worker and procedure info. Other employers purchase laminated variants and manually write in specific text. To allow for such varying needs, Seton offers a wide range of sign variants for customers to choose from. There are even reusable magnetic sign options that stick to metal surfaces for additional convenience.

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Lockout signs are important resources in educating workers about the lockout procedures employed in the facility. Additionally, these signs warn them of any potential energy hazards that may be present in the vicinity. For instance, electrical panels are typically secured by locks to prevent accidental or unauthorized use. Lockout/tagout (LOTO) signs inform workers on what to keep in mind when accessing the panel or power source.

Nowadays, work forces are becoming more and more diverse across the country, including employees from different social backgrounds and linguistic skills. Nevertheless, clear LOTO communication remains every employer's responsibility. To address this concern, several LOTO signs feature text in different languages, to help ensure every employee’s safety.

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