OSHA Header Signs

Warn workers and visitors of workplace hazards and instruct employees on how to avoid injuries

Header Signs warn of workplace hazards and instruct employees on the proper care and precautions to take to avoid injuries. Workplaces with safety hazards should post Danger, Warning, or Caution signs to alert people to the type of hazard and level of danger present. These signs have specific headers that include signal words and their assigned colors (red, orange, or yellow). For situations when a sign doesn’t involve safety but still needs to communicate important information, Notice signs(with a blue header) are appropriate. Safety signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to withstand your particular work environment.

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Header Signs are all around us. You may not have noticed their presence, but they are certainly hanging around your facility, office, building or property. Header Signs, including Danger, Warning and Notice are there to inform, alert and warn people of some potential threat, or to inform them of some information that needs to be conveyed. For instance, you have surely seen the common Danger- Keep Out sign on fences or gates to warn people not to enter. The perimeter of a power station or even a large power box will have a Danger - High Voltage OSHA sign affixed to it. Other examples of these signs are Fiberglass OSHA Sign - Danger - HOT, FireFly Reflective Safety Signs - Caution - Hot, Hot Work Signs - Danger - Welding Area.

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