Right-to-Know & HazCom Signs

Cleary illustrate the potential hazards of chemicals located throughout the facility

NFPA and Right-to-Know Charts and Posters are a great way to inform and educate your employees about how to read and understand NFPA signs and placards. Right-to-Know & HazCom Sign are available with the use of the NFPA color bar or NFPA diamond in many shapes, sizes and materials. NFPA placard kits are also availble in a diamond shape to clearly mark flammability, instability, health ratings and other hazard information of certain chemicals.

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OSHA says that workers have a right to know exactly the types of toxic or dangerous agents and chemicals that they are in contact with on a daily basis. Acids, corrosive materials, noxiuos gases, irritants and more can cause illness - and in extreme cases - death. Right-to-Know & HazCom Signs are important for showing workers exactly the type of hazardous substances they are dealing with. Post RTK and HazCom signs and posters around the workplace in areas that are appropriate. Choose from NFPA Interpretation Guides - Vinyl Sign, Hazardous Material Information Sign - Color Bar, NFPA Floor Sign Kits and more.

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