ToughWash® Signs

ToughWash Signs are specifically made for use in work environments where food safety and employee protection are both important concerns. While safety personnel in other establishments can typically use signs with visuals to communicate workplace topics to their employees, those in the food industry must take into consideration the demands of washdown processes and food safety concerns. With ToughWash Signs, managers and safety personnel are provided with the option to display hazard warnings and work instructions while maintaining industry standards. And, for additional convenience, Seton offers customers these weatherproof signs in different sizes and styles to choose from.

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ToughWash Signs are made for communicating procedure compliance and workplace hazard warnings in specialized locations, particularly in the food and beverage industry. Constructed to resist up to 1500 PSI at distances of 1.52 cm and farther (with some allowances to be made for the surface on which the sign is installed), these signs afford users with sign options dedicated for washdown environments. And, with high-resolution text and graphics designed to withstand high water pressure, these safety signs are extremely useful in work environments that rely on wash systems. Furthermore, ToughWash Signs effectively complement ToughWash label options that are also available from Seton.

Provide much-needed employee awareness and hazards safeguards in food and beverage establishments. Choose the best ToughWash Signs options from Seton today!

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