Ultra-Stick Signs

Ultra-Stick Signs provide industrial employees a distinctive edge in workplace safety. Designed specifically for specialized work areas, these safety hazard signs can stick on pretty much any surface. Manufactured and tested to adhere on wood, concrete, and unevenly textured surfaces, Ultra-Stick Signs make for an extremely useful option in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and similar establishments, for which standard adhesives are of little value. Furthermore, these signs are also made to easily adhere and resist temperatures as and high 140°F as low as -20°F, allowing them to withstand even extreme environments. And, for additional convenience, Seton provides various styles and designs for customers to choose from.

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Ultra-Stick Signs are manufactured with the disadvantage of typical adhesives, which is that these usually have limited surfaces types that can be adhered to. Uneven surfaces make for difficult applications. Grease, dirt, and oil often necessitate the use of screws, bolts and similar mounting methods, since these prevent surface substrates from maximizing contact with the adhesive. (This is why cleaning surface areas is a basic step in adhesive application.) Fortunately, the adhesives used in Ultra-Stick Signs with Ultra-Stick Signs, employees need not worry about signs peeling or falling off, allow them to perform safety and follow protocols even in tough working conditions.

Make sure to provide safety warnings even in specialized industrial environments and maintain workplace safety with Ultra-Stick Signs from Seton!

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