2-Part Lockout Tags

Efficienty implement equipment and machine lockout and maintenance with two-part lockout tags

A well-maintained lockout-tagout system helps prevent workplace accidents, while also allowing for machine repair and service to be carried out smoothly. This often proves difficult for large facilities where numerous equipment and machines are necessary, and tracking the status of each one is a tedious and time-consuming task in itself.

Start an efficient LOTO and machine maintenance system in your facility with two-part lockout tags. These two-part tags allow employees to tag out equipment in need of service and inform their supervisor of that equipment's status. Simply fill in the bottom part of the tag with the necessary information, tear it away, and forward it to the supervisor concerned.

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Designed to grab attention, two-part lockout tags communicate important lockout-tagout guidelines that employees should follow. Featuring the standard OSHA-compliant Danger header, the top part of the tag displays the usual information included in a lockout tag, such as the reason for lockout, the name of the authorized employee, and the date. This is the part that is attached to the lockout equipment, and informs other employees of the lockout status or warns of potential machine-related hazards. The bottom part of the LOTO tag, meanwhile, is where the details of the locked-out equipment are indicated. This includes the equipment number, lock location, and reason. It is detached and submitted to a supervisor to help them keep track of the machine’s status and thus facilitate any needed service and repair.

Seton’s selection of 2-part lockout tags has just about anything you might need for any situation. Take a look and kick start your way to an effective and efficient lockout-tagout system.

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