Padlock Tags

Padlock tags for convenient lockout/tagout servicing and repairs

Padlock tags allow employees to conduct lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures efficiently. LOTO procedures involve the use of specialized equipment and devices, which include padlocks and the tags that identify them. With this in mind, Seton offers various options for customers to choose from. These tags are designed to easily slip over padlock shackles, while others are also designed to resist abrasion, solvents and other chemicals. Employers can even opt for customized options that are tailored to their facility’s particular requirements. With the proper security padlocks and padlock tags, implementing LOTO best practices is a breeze.

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When evaluating and choosing LOTO energy isolation devices (such as padlocks and padlock tags) there are several factors that need to be considered other than basic lockout functions.

One major rule in lockout/tagout is the “one employee, one key" principle, and most manufacturers produce just one key for each LOTO padlock. It is critical to also check key charting services, to ensure that any subsequent padlock orders have no duplicates. Use padlock tags accordingly, to further prevent any misidentification during repairs and other maintenance routines.

Proper use of tags and padlocks help simplify LOTO protocols in the facility. This saves time, energy and resources, as well as keeping the workplace safe and secure.

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