Standard Lockout Tags

Standard lockout tags to clearly identify equipment for lockout/tagout

Standard lockout tags are designed to meet the general needs for lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures. During service and maintenance checks, machine and equipment need to be identified and secured. Standard lockout tags provide employees with visual reminders as to which machines are undergoing maintenance, as well as other data such as the worker servicing them, etc. This ensures that nothing gets powered on by accident or out of turn. And to accommodate the specific needs of varying establishments, Seton offers a wide variety of LOTO tags for customers to choose from.

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Even though LOTO regulations and machine safeguards exist, serious injuries resulting from servicing and maintaining equipment persist. Unfortunately, this is not only due to unforeseen accidents. Regulations can only go so far if the work culture in a facility fails to counteract instances where safety is neglected or ignored. Employers have a responsibility to demonstrate that workplace safety is a value instead of a hindrance. LOTO procedures and documents should be well-defined, and safety officers need to ensure proper implementation. Protective devices such as standard lockout tags and other safety resources must be readily available. It is through active engagement and cooperation throughout the company that LOTO regulations are properly carried out.

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