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Draw attention to crosswalk workers

Paddles and Vests are important safety measures for workers directing traffic. Paddles come in a variety of wording and styles, and Vests are available for all occasions and job sites. Most Vests meet ANSI requirements for conducting traffic in certain areas.

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When someone is directing traffic in a crosswalk or in the middle of the road, it is important that that person has the proper paddles and vest. Some paddles have the word "Slow" on them, while others say "Stop" or "Go." Each paddle is made to grab the attention of moving vehicles and to warn them to reduce their speed or to come to a complete stop. Coupled with paddles are Safety Vests. Vests are a lifesaver on the road, especially reflective vests which glow when hit by the light of a car. Safety vests come in yellow, red, orange, green, white or lime green. Custom wording or standard messaging can be added which increase the effectiveness of the vest. Seton caries safety vests with the words" Police," "Fire," "Security," "EMT," and some are blank. Paddles and vests can amp up safety around your work crew or job site.

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