Safety Vests

Makes workers directing traffic more visible to all vehicles

Safety Vests come in all sizes and shapes for every job site that requires protection from traffic. General purpose vests include Economy Safety Vests, Mesh ANSI Safety Vests, Security Safety Vests and Long Sleeve Vests. Seton also offers a wide variety of Custom Worded Vests for instant recognition and Surveyor Vests for specific on-site jobs.

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Safety vests from Seton are a key piece of equipment for any person who needs to be seen by vehicles and pedestrians. You see individuals wearing safety vests in many places, including work crews, road crews, dockworkers, police, fire fighters, EMTs, school crossing guards and more. There is a fairly large selection of vests to choose from. ANSI vests come in class 1, class 2, and class 3 versions and they offer mesh or breakaway styles. Security safety vests come with lettering, including, Police, Fire, EMT, Security and you can even customize a safety vest with your own company name or messaging. Other types include Surveyor’s Vests, illuminated security vests, traffic control kits which include a safety vest and even more. To keep your workers safe in front of traffic and in large crowds, safety vests from Seton are the perfect choice.

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