MUTCD Compliant Traffic & Parking Signs

Conform with MUTCD sign standards easily with the use of these signs

All public roads in the United States are required to meet the standards included in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). These standards are meant to help motorists immediately recognize traffic signs and act accordingly. Make sure that you meet these requirements with MUTCD Signs from Seton. You can be assured that our signs comply with rulings that designate the octagon shape for stop signs, the equilateral triangle for yield signs, and other design requirements. Choose from among signs sized according to their use -- whether for roads with one lane for each direction, multi-lane roads, or expressways and freeways. We also have customizable options for you if you need your signs to display specific wordings.

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Comply with federal ruling covering traffic signs
To make sure that all traffic signs on streets and highways meet a single, consolidated standard, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Unified guidelines make these signs easier to recognize, preventing confusion and facilitating efficient driving as well as smoother traffic flow. Make sure that you meet federal requirements by using MUCTD signs from Seton.
Makes sure that your traffic signs are manufactured according to government provisions.
The guidelines set in the MUTCD provide people with a system that consistently organizes traffic signs according to their specific purpose. These guidelines divide traffic signs into six groups: warning signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, construction signs, motorist service signs, and recreation and cultural interest signs. Each of these groups fall within a set of specifications that distinguish them from the others. As a leading provider of industrial products, we at Seton guarantee that our MUTCD signs all conform properly to these specifications.
The MUTCD rules apply to all state and local governments. Violations can result in federal penalties, as well as a liability to lawsuits. Make sure that you stay in compliance with regulations and protect yourself from government penalties and charges. Choose the best MUTCD signs from Seton today.

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