Cone Accessories

Add to Traffic Cones to increase visibility and awareness

Cone Accessories make Traffic Cones more apparent to motorists and increase attention in dangerous areas. Sign Cone Barricades and Traffic Cone Signs should be used when safety instructions are needed and simple barriers are not enough protection. Flashing Cone Warning Lights are highly visible and should be used in low light situations.

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You’ve purchased your traffic cones and used them in various places around your parking lot or property. But, something’s missing. The cones are very helpful in raising awareness of drivers and pedestrians, vehicles on the highway, etc. However, the cone by itself is not expressing the specific warning that you need it to. You need Cone Accessories to complete the warning directive. Cone Accessories, like Snap on cone signs, snap on cone sign arrows, men working and no parking snap on signs are very helpful in the transmission of the particular message. Sign code barricades, barricade tape and other products work in unison, but add just a little extra to the warning that you intend to convey. Seton has a great selection of cones and accessories for your business, facility, work crew or traffic squad.

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