Outdoor Stanchions

Protect visitors, pedestrians or customers from hazards

Outdoor Stanchions guide pedestrians and others through dangerous areas and keep them clear of worksite hazards. Parking Lot Stanchion Systems, Safety Post and Rope Systems, Heavy Duty Stanchions and Heavy Duty Posts and Chains are perfect for withstanding the elements. Outdoor Tensabarrier® Stanchion Systems, and Security Tensabarriers® are retractable, can be stowed away easily and withstand outdoor conditions.

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Outdoor Stanchions are similar to indoor stanchions, except they are built to with stand the bumps and bruises that inevitably come with out door equipment.
Outdoor Stanchions include heavy duty outdoor tensabarriers, parking lot stanchions, security barrier stanchions, safety post and rope systems, etc. Outdoor stanchions can also include various warning or caution messages, including authorized access only, danger-keep out, no entry, and more.
Outdoor stanchions can stand up to rough weather like rain, ice, snow and wind. For a great selection of outdoor stanchions for your facility, parking garage, campus, or business property trust Seton for the very best selection around.

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