Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools are important equipment for pick up of dirt and debris

Mops, Brooms and Vacuums are key equipment in the battle to keep dirt, sand, shavings and other debris off the floor and out of the way. Soak up spills with a Super Loop Wet Mop Head. Sweep up glass or grit with Brooms. And, suck up finer particles with a Commercial Lightweight Upright Vacuum.

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Cleaning tools from Seton are essential for ensuring that your facility stays clean from ceiling to floor.

Starting with everyday items such as dusters, mops and brooms, these cleaning tools also help make your cleaning crew's tasks easier.

Seton's wide selection includes many brands well known for their durability, such as Rubbermaid® dusters, mop buckets and even utility carts. Cleaning appliances such as Hoover® vacuum cleaners and replacement bags, as well as cleaning pads from Scotch-Brite® or Clorox®, are also available for your various cleaning needs.

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