Restroom Products

Supplies for all Restrooms will help keep your facility clean and organized

Restroom Products, including Tampons, Urinal Covers and various Cleaning Supplies are placed in the bathrooms of your warehouse or facility for personal hygiene purposes. Scott Standard Roll Two-Ply Bathroom Tissue and Feminine Products are just two of the many products that should be in supply.

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Restroom products from Seton include all the tools and cleaning agents you need to keep your restrooms clean, tidy and germ-free.

These include liquid bathroom cleaners, plungers and toilet bowl brushes for scrubbing clean different parts of your bathroom. These restroom products help keep not just the bathroom floors clean, but also the toilet bowls, urinals and sinks.

Seton also offers you a line of bathroom products to help ensure that the people who use your restrooms also practice good personal hygiene with the help of handy products that can be easily placed in your bathrooms as well. These include liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers that come with matching dispensers as well as hand dryers and toilet paper holders.

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