Lean Manufacturing Tools

Use lean manufacturing to eliminate waste

The goal of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste to improve business performance. The lean philosophy is that by eliminating waste, including wasted time, your business will be able to perform more efficiently and create a better final product. At Seton, we offer a range of lean tools, including Kanban products and lean manufacturing training, to help you facility eliminate waste. Lean manufacturing was originally developed in a manufacturing environment, but has gained momentum in other industries. Join the movement and become lean today!

What is lean manufacturing?
The lean philosophy dictates a management system that eliminates waste to enhance business performance. Waste is eliminated through several lean manufacturing tools, including the Kanban system. Lean manufacturing is the most popular improvement process used in manufacturing, but it has also gained popularity in sourcing, office environments, product development and other industries as well.
At Seton, we offer various lean manufacturing training products, as well as visual workplace items that provide workers with the tools to stay organized and efficient. In fact, 75% of the information we learn, we learn visually. By enhancing your visual workplace your company can improve on productivity, decrease product defects, and keep costs low.
Get started comply with the lean manufacturing method today!

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