Use 5S for Greater Organization

The goal of 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) is to create a clean, orderly environment leading to a pattern of logical work. 5S, in conjunction with greater lean manufacturing principles, enhances productivity by eliminating waste. To accomplish this, a business must:
Discard unused items
Organize what’s left
Clean work surfaces
Set a standard for organization
Maintain improvements in the future
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What is 5S?
The 5S program is part of lean manufacturing, which seeks to eliminate waste and enhance productivity. There are five steps to a successful 5S system:

Sort -Discard unused items. The idea is to keep items used regularly close by.
Shine - clean work equipment and areas. Cleaning serves to eliminate sources of contamination and helps to identify abnormalities before they lead to defects.
Set in order- Organize the remaining items at your workstation. Clearly label everything and assign each item a spot.
Standardize- Develop scheduled and checklists to ensure procedures are followed. This step helps ensure cleanup and organizational procedures continue on a regular basis.
Sustain - Management helps to ensure all 5S items are being followed and workers are on schedule.

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