Standardize is the fourth step towards 5S compliance

The fourth step in the 5S program is to standardize your workplace. This may sound intimidating, but at Seton, we offer everything you need to standardize your office procedures to eliminate confusion and streamline your business. For example, use status boards to easily and quickly provide important information about everything from machine maintenance status to the status of one of your meeting rooms. You can also create a Custom Deluxe Status Board in just a few steps. Status boards are made from a durable aluminum and come pre-drilled for easy installation. Standardize your facility today with these products from Seton.

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Standardize is the fourth step in the 5S program. This step is crucial to the success of 5S as it helps establish a way to standardize, or maintain your efforts at creating a more lean facility. During the standardize stage, schedules, checklists and communication boards are developed to ensure that regular cleanup and organizational practices are maintained long after training is complete.
At Seton, we have everything you need to help standardize your visual workplace, including a selection of status boards. Choose from among 20 standard Deluxe Status Board Sliding Holder Legends that help to identify machines or even areas that are in use, under repairs, or available.
We also have convenient pre-printed event forms that are critical for the success of any 5S event. The primary goal of these forms is to involve workers and document an event. The event can be anything from equipment malfunction to a slipping accident. The idea is once events are documented, procedures can be standardized to prevent repeat occurrences.
Standardize your facility and comply with 5S and other visual workplace goals.

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