The final step of 5S is to sustain

After you have sorted, shined, set in order and standardized your facility, it's time to complete the fifth and final step of 5S: sustain. Sustain means to reinforce the principles and practices established in the other steps. Typically, management will be involved in this step to ensure protocols are followed to continue to make strides in productivity. In order to sustain, some use status boards, or communication boards to communicate between management and employees. These dry erase boards can be used to track performance trends, note employee schedules and also inform workers of important events. Sustain 5S practices at your facility today!

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The fifth and final step in 5S is to sustain.
During the first four steps of the 5S process, workers and employers worked together to make their facility more lean and visually informative using a variety of tools and knowledge. During the sustain stage, management is tasked with ensuring that all the previous work continues long past training.
There are many sustain tools that can help you stay 5S compliant.

Bulletin Boards - post important documents in a Walnut Framed Enclosed Bulletin Board to inform your employees of important information, including safety tips or upcoming events.
Corkboards - Durable Aluminum Framed Corkboards can stand up to daily use and come with factory installed hangers for easy mounting.
Management Walk Labels - These labels are designed specifically for the sustain portion of 5S. Dry Erase Status Boards or Communication Boards - Use these boards to track improvements, manage employee schedules or write out important reminders.

Ensure your facility sustains the 5S system long after training has been complete with these tools and much more from Seton.

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