Safety Cones

Mark areas under repair or areas currently being cleaned

Safety Cones are used indoors to block off hazardous areas or equipment in need of repair. Safety Cones are highly visible and available in many sizes and with custom wording.

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Seton's safety cones are ideal tools to have on hand when there are potential hazards that are in the way of pedestrians.

Made out of heavy-duty plastic, these cones come in different designs and sizes. Design options include different colors, safety messages printed on these cones or the addition of a reflective band for greater visibility.

Accessories for these safety cones are also available here at Seton. These include safety cone chains that can be attached to several cones to mark-off restricted areas, and signs, which can carry safety messages and can be attached to the cone with the help of adapters or with the use of the hole on top.

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