Anti-Seize Compounds

Protect your industrial equipment with high quality anti-seize compounds

Anti-seize compounds are chemicals formulated from copper, graphite, aluminum, and other solid particles to protect metal against corrosion, rust, and seizure. These chemicals help in putting up and taking down machine parts by reducing friction and wear. Anti-seize compounds are manufactured to suit different kinds of industrial environment.

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Use these high quality and corrosion resistant anti-seize compounds from Seton.

Seton offers a comprehensive line of anti-seize compounds from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. Our anti-seize compounds are formulated to protect your equipment against high temperature, heavy loads, chemicals, rusting, and vibration. Choose from our selection of anti-seize lubricants including heavy duty anti-seize, copper based anti-seize lubricant, marine grade anti-seize, and more.

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