Tape Measures

Get extremely precise outside and inside measurements with reliable power tape measures

Your measurement details are only as accurate as your measuring tools. Get precise measurements down to the last dot with true-zero end measuring tapes. Our large selection features tape measures made from materials such as sturdy steel and chrome, carbon steel and unbreakable plastic, high-visibility polystyrene, and highly durable stainless steel. Our tape measure models also come with high-impact, no-slip cases, rapid retraction, reliable slide lock device, and highly readable graduation and numbers.

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Get fast and accurate measurements every time with rapid retracting, true-zero end tape measures from Seton
Seton's tape measure selection includes safe, quick retracting units with steel roller cage that protects user from cuts during retraction. Our measuring tapes also come with no-slip cases and reliable slide lock device. Likewise, our tape measures are lightweight and fit the hand perfectly for better grip and portability for more convenient maintenance and repair applications.

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