Material Handling Equipment

Enable your employees to store, carry and locate different materials with ease

Material Handling products make employees' jobs easier and smoother, allowing them to accomplish work in a smaller amount of time. Workbenches and Tables keep work off the ground, while Ladders and Platforms give access to hard-to-reach areas and spaces. Utility Carts, Stock Carts and Lift Trucks allow employees to move and stack large inventory items or shipments for more compact storage.

Not everything in your warehouse is easily carried by hand or conveniently reached from a standing position. Equipment can be heavy or cumbersome and many times the places where items are stored or need replacement are too high to reach. But, have no fear, Seton is here with quite an assortment of equipment to help you lift and reach what you need to.
Ladders & Steps, Carts and Trucks, Pallet Trucks & Loaders, Beams, Booms & Accessories and more are available and ready to help.

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