Shipping and Transportation Supplies

Prepare inventory for shipping and transport quickly and easily

Shipping and transportation supplies allow for tighter, more efficient packaging of items while keeping boxes, containers, and other fragile items intact during transit. Tape, Dispensers, Film Wrap, and Strapping Kits work together to keep items in place in the event of any jostling or bumping. Communicate handling and safety instruction with signs, labels, and vehicle placards while ensuring your customer gets what they expect with packing list envelopes.

Chances are your warehouse not only manufactures equipment, parts, or products, but it also has to ship deliver, ship, or pack them.
Shipping and transportation products from Seton can aid your business in these often substantial endeavors. Check out our wide assortment of products, including tape and packaging materials, dispensers and film wrap, labels, signs, placards, and so much more. For all of your shipping and transportation products and equipment, choose Seton.

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