Anti-Slip Coatings

Use as an added safety measure to prevent dangerous falls

Seton offers anti-slip coatings that meet USDA and OSHA requirements. The coatings can be used as paint to decrease slips and accidents in the workplace. Need anti-slip protection in dark areas? Use Seton's Lumatrax II Glow-In-The-Dark Anti-Slip Coating.

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Anti-Slip Coatings can be applied to many surfaces in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, loading dock, or delivery area.
Any floor or surface that is subjected to liquid spills, humidity or temperature extremes are places that slips and falls can occur.Hallways, stairs, ramps, platforms and additional areas can benefit from a coating of Anti-Slip material. Check out Seton's supply of these coating which include Setonwalk Anti-Slip Coating, Trusty Step Slip Resistant Treatments, Rust Oleum Anti-Slip Aerosol and others.

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