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Keep your workplace clutter-free and safe with durable cable protectors

Tripping accidents at work are often caused by exposed cables, among other things. Prevent these accidents while keeping your wires from irreparable damage by using any of Seton's cable protectors. Our cable floor covers come with a tread plate surface and heavy duty channels to prevent your wires from getting squashed. These cable protectors are manufactured using flexible and sturdy rubber material that makes these ideal for both indoor and heavy outdoor use. Choose from Seton's selection of floor cable protectors which include rubber and drop over cable protectors, the rubber duct cable positioning system, and the sidewinder cable protection system.

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Guaranteed full cable protection system with Seton's cable protectors
Wires and cables are usually prone to tangling and damage when left unorganized and in the open. Ensure that your wires are always kept in place and protected from foot, equipment and vehicle traffic with any of Seton's cable protectors. These floor cable protectors feature a durable rubber cover that shields wires from getting damaged when people or vehicles run over them. These products also come with a modular design for easy installation, storage, and transport. Seton's full cable protection system can be easily snapped together to get your desired length and configured to fit into corners and curves.
Keep your wires and people safe with floor cable protectors
These floor cable protectors are designed to prevent wire breakage and increase safety within your facility. While effectively protecting cables, these tools also help in efficiently preventing people from tripping over them. Aside from lessening your maintenance costs by eliminating the need to continuously replace damaged wires, you can also reduce medical costs by reducing or eliminating tripping accidents. With these cable floor covers, you increase facility safety while decreasing facility maintenance costs at the same time.

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