Floor Stencils

Floor stencils give your business a custom feel

Quickly and easily mark your floors with safety stencils from Seton. This economical option for floor marking can be reused over and over again for multiple areas of your warehouse. Keep employees alert withwatch your step stencils or help individuals find the closestexit. Don't forget to add yourfloor marking paint in the color that best suits your needs.

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Use floor stencils to get your safety message across. Floor stencils are the economical alternative to safety signs because they can be reused over and over again. Use a floor stencil to remind workers to wear appropriate personal protective equipment, stop for passing forklifts, or point the way towards safety in the event of an emergency.
At Seton, we offer dozens of different floor stencils to suit all your needs. All of our stencils are made from a durable polyethylene plastic, ensuring that your floor stencils can stand up to dozens of uses, in addition to being easy to clean and store. Use them to paint a permanent message on walkways, hallways and even walls.
Choose from a variety of safety warnings, with messages such as, "Hard Hat Area," "Be Alert! High Traffic Area," "Do Not Enter," and much more. We also offer various arrow stencils and a Footprint Symbol to help employees and guests alike find their way around.

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