USB Cabled Scanners

Improve asset management easily and effectively

USB Cabled Scanners provide users with a data and asset management system that can be done at the touch of the fingertips. With these devices, employees can significantly reduce data entry errors, thereby increasing work accuracy. And, with capacities of up to 100 scans per second, barcode scanners can effectively boost employee efficiency. These devices also feature a plug and play design that virtually eliminates setup and installation time, providing users with a potentially faster return on their investment. In meeting specific business needs, customers can choose from Seton’s range of barcode readers.

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USB Cabled Scanners are generally provided with instructions on how to set-up. However, there are a few general steps that users can keep in mind. First, read the manual to take note of specific instructions (such as any software should be installed first). Afterwards, plug in the barcode reader, allowing some time for the system to recognize it. Reboot if required. Program the scanner, following the process included in the product model. Load the program which will be used to enter the barcode information. Unless otherwise specified, the device may then be tested by scanning a few barcodes. Again, make sure to follow the instructions given in the manual.

Once implemented, you can effectively improve asset management with Seton’s USB Cabled Scanners!

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