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Secure and organize lockout tagout tools with a multipurpose group lock box

Store and secure lockout tagout (LOTO) equipment with a group lock box from Seton. Made from durable materials, our boxes can protect large and small LOTO tools and devices under any condition or environment.

Designed to serve multiple functions, our group lock boxes can also provide energy isolation solutions by limiting the weight on each energy point, especially when large teams are working. Furthermore, these devices can also reduce the locks needed on jobs and identify workers still working on each energy source.

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In accordance to the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), facilities generating electric power need to use lockout tagout (LOTO) protocols. The operations supervisors of these facilities should initiate these practices, and encourage operations personnel to follow them.

Once the operations supervisors initiate the practices and select the energy blocking points, the shift supervisors should then utilize a group lock box. This box can contain the number of field locks needed to implement the LOTO practices, and other LOTO tools and devices.

Seton offers group lock boxes that are ideal for any LOTO practice. Made from durable materials like steel, acrylic, and polycarbonate, our boxes can keep your LOTO equipment safe and secure.

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