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Lockout training resources for proper OSHA regulation compliance

Lock out training is an important safety measure in preventing electrical and equipment accidents from occurring in the workplace. Workers in a job site are far too often injured and even killed due to a powered up machine (which they thought was shut off), improperly powered-down equipment, and similar instances. And since employers are responsible for workplace safety, safety officers need to ensure that workers receive training in lockout/tagout (LOTO). As a leading brand in workplace safety, Seton offers several LOTO resources to help keep a safe environment for workers on the job.

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Employers are required to provide their employees with the proper lockout training. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) differentiates affected employees from authorized employees. Affected employees are workers whose jobs entail the use or are within the vicinity of equipment or machinery undergoing LOTO checks. Authorized employees, meanwhile, are workers who perform the procedures. However, when an affected employee is also tasked with servicing and/or maintenance duties, that person becomes an authorized employee.

An important aspect of lockout tagout training concerns machine-specific lockout/tagout procedures. Likewise, employers should remember to incorporate the established corporate policy in the training program. Employers should make sure that these, along with adequate sessions and resources, are available to their employees.

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