Establish efficient queues and effectively restrict access to areas within your facility with multi-use stanchions

Running a busy and crowded facility can be difficult, and keeping people away from restricted areas or establishing waiting queues may be a very trying task. You can effectively draw proper boundaries with the use of multipurpose Stanchions from Seton. These barrier systems are simple yet effective in designating waiting places or letting people know of restricted areas. We carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor stanchion systems that may be used in and around your facility. These crowd control barriers come in different sizes and styles – you can choose between free-standing stanchions with posts or wall mounted units – to suit your facility’s needs.

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Effectively create barriers with modern-looking stanchions and posts
Don't let barriers and posts ruin your facility's interior. At Seton, we offer a large selection of stylish stanchions that will complement your office's overall look. With a modern design, these will efficiently serve the purpose of guiding people through lines or away from restricted areas while giving off a professional touch to your office's interior. If you don't have much space indoors, we also provide wall-mounted units with retractable belts. Simply attach the unit to walls or doorways and pull the retractable belt to instantly create a temporary barrier.
Maximize the use of your stanchions by turning these into sign posts
Aside from serving as an effective crowd control tool, you can also turn your stanchions into instant sign posts. Seton carries plexiglass signs, sign frames, and acrylic displays that can be easily mounted on top of your posts. With this unique feature, you can save more office space while getting the full benefit of your stanchion posts. Check out our selection of posts, brackets, receptacles, retractable belts, chains, and other accessories that will go best with your chosen crowd control stanchions.

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