Keep fire extinguisher maintenance records readily available whenever needed

Having clear maintenance records for your fire extinguisher and other fire protection equipment is a good practice. You can efficiently organize this information by using any of Seton's Fire Extinguisher Tags. These inspection tags feature an easy write-on surface where you can put the maintenance information that you need in order to monitor the status of your equipment. These fire extinguisher inspection tags also come with nylon ties so you can easily tie the tags onto your fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment for easy and fast reference. We also carry self-adhesive maintenance record labels that you can easily stick on fire extinguishers and cabinets.

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Keep track of your fire equipment inspections efficiently with fire extinguisher tags
Maintenance records and inspection status of your fire safety equipment are among the things you need to know to have a sound fire safety plan. With Seton's Fire Extinguisher Tags, you'll never miss any important status or maintenance movement again. These tags will enable you to effectively keep track of your fire equipment maintenance and will tell you when the next one is due. Choose among plastic, cardstock, or aluminum tags that are strong enough to resist moisture, grease, and dirt. We also carry polypropylene tag protectors that help in preserving handwritten information for a long time.
Meet OSHA and NFPA requirements while keeping your fire equipment properly maintained
As part of Seton's goal to help you become OSHA and NFPA compliant, we carry tags and labels that meet strict fire extinguisher tag requirements. Our fire extinguisher inspection tags are approved by both OSHA 1910.157 and NFPA 10-1994. These inspection tags come in many different styles that contain pertinent data you will need in order to keep your records properly updated. Whether your equipment needs fixing or replacement, you have this information readily available whenever you them.

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