Safety Cones

Unique visible barriers that are perfect for warehouses and shipping areas

Safety Cones provide uniquely visible borders for hazardous or dangerous areas, or mark unsafe equipment and other dangerous workplace machines. High Visibility Traffic Cones, Fluorescent Traffic Cones and Colored Safety Cones get noticed quickly, while Warning Message Cones and Custom Worded Cones add safety messages to visible warnings.

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Safety Cones are a smart way to direct the flow of traffic within your building, facility or manufacturing area.
If you need to draw attention to specific areas, or alert workers to dangers, slippery conditions, debris, etc, use a Safety Cone to mark the area. They come in various colors, height and shapes, so choose the correct cones according to your particular needs. ChoTrivu 3-Sided Safety Cones - 5.5lbs weight, Colored Traffic Cones, Safety Traffic Cones- Restricted Area Do Not Enter, Hi-Visibility Fluorescent Lime Cones, Traffic Cones and others.

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