Vehicle Placards

Comply with safety regulations for the identification of materials being shipped

Vehicle placards are meant for use on trucks and other transport vehicles to comply with federal and provincial regulations when transporting dangerous, hazardous, or chemical materials. Primary Risk Hazardous Material Placards, Spacemaster Placards, and Slidemaster Placards Holders identify dangerous or hazardous materials on board trucks or other shipping vehicles. Custom Diamond Shape Signs are also available for shipping non-common hazardous materials.

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Vehicle placards are attached to trucks and are used to indicate a specific cargo, warning, or direction.
The driver, as well as other drivers on the road, can view a vehicle placard and know the contents, any potential danger, or the cargo inside. Seton has numerous vehicle placards to choose from, including Inhalation Hazard 4-Digit Blank, Spontaneously Combustible, Gothic Single Numbers, Oxygen Hazardous Materials, and more.

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