School Signs

Alert vehicles to take caution in school zones and bus areas with school signs

School Zone Signs, Child/School Safety Signs and Bus Zone Signs are perfect for use in school zones, at bus stop areas, in pedestrian crossings and for areas where children frequently play. Choose BlinkerSigns® for added visibility to attract immediate attention.

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Have you ever seen these signs? Caution children at play, drug free school zone signs, bike xing signs, and slow pedestrian crossing signs? You just might have seen these types of signs in or around a school zone. Safety around a school zone is vitally important to the well-being of children, crossing guards and parents who are retrieving their kids at the end of the school day. PED Signs, SCHOOL signs, and many others warn drivers to take caution as they approach a school. School signs also include signs with no wording, but with symbols. These include: School Safety Signs – bike graphic, pedestrian graphic, school crossing graphic, right or left arrow graphic, etc. If you need school signs for your business, university or municipality, check out the incredible selection from Seton.

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