Plastic & Vinyl Valve Tags

Highly visible for quick identification

Seton has Custom Engraved and Blank Setonply Valve Tags, Stamped and Blank Plastic Valve Tags, Color Coded Plastic Valve Tags, Custom Polyurethane Valve Tags, Valve Indicator Tags, Open/Closed Valve Signs and Fire Sprinkler Valve ID Tags to address all of your tagging needs.

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They are lightweight, durable and a good choice for your Valve Tag needs - Plastic & Vinyl Valve Tags from Seton. For a cost-effective alternative to brass or aluminum valve tags, you'll want to give serious consideration to Plastic or Vinyl Valve Tags. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Choose from Blank Durable Plastic Valve Tags, Round Custom Engraved Setonply® Valve Tags, Custom Polyurethane Valve Tags, Vinyl Valve Indicator Tags and more.

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