Pedestrian / Crosswalk Safety

Improve the visibility of crosswalk areas to protect pedestrians

Seton offers a large assortment of Pedestrian and Crosswalk Safety Products for every pedestrian-crossing need. Traffic Paddles and Safety Vests keep crosswalk workers safe, while Portable Crosswalk Signs and Stands give instructions to vehicles where extreme caution is necessary.

In most states it is illegal to drive through a crosswalk when pedestrians are present and ready to cross. In order to keep pedestrians and workers safe in and around your property, invest in a good set of pedestrian and crosswalk safety equipment. Portable and moveable crosswalk signs and stands are very important to the safety of pedestrians on the property. These types of equipment are very handy, as they are easily moved from one location to the other. Paddles and Vests are used and worn by crossing guards and others who aid children and pedestrians through a crosswalk. They come in various colors and with different messaging to convey a specific directive. Pedestrian and crosswalk safety equipment is available at Seton in a variety of styles for your unique requirements.

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