Access Control

Keep unauthorized individuals out of buildings and facilities

Access Control devices limit access, where necessary, to only authorized users. Sonic Shock Alarms, Exit Alarms, Door Panic Devices, Mechanical Door Locks and Emergency Push Bar Alarms give office or factory workers an added sense of security and protection from outside threats. Fingerprint Door Locks and Fingerprint Deadbolts are also available to allow access to only workers that pass identification verication.

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Each worker in your company has access to certain areas, but not to others. The security of your facility is vitally important to the safety of people and your assets. Access Control devices are used to control entry into various areas within and around your facility. To regulate and control entry into certain areas, you may want to invest in one of the following products: Fingerprint Door Locks, Proximity Key Tags, Arrow Door Panic Device, Detex Exit Alarms, etc.

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