Specialty Material Labels

Specialty Material Labels fill a narrow but crucial role in manufacturing and industry. Designed for varying temperature ranges as well as for laboratory settings and heavy machinery, these labels identify and provide branding to items found in specialized equipment and locations. Constructed with exceptional toughness and resistance, specialty labels provide reliable options for the most demanding of work environments. Others (such as ToughWash label variants) are made to fulfill specific functions in a particular work process. Customers can choose from Seton’s wide range of special material labels, manufactured in various designs to suit different needs.

Specialty Material Labels should be purchased with a prior knowledge of factors pertinent to their use. Two of these are the type and length of chemical exposure. These considerations are crucial in finding the best material which will address the particular need in question. Heat and/or cold resistance is an important consideration, especially in laboratory environments or work areas involving furnaces. It should also be determined whether an applicator will be used during the process of labeling. The cut of the label may be affected by this, since it must be ensured that the label will peel off properly. Perforations are likewise not advised, since these can alter the stiffness of the label.

Make sure to provide the proper labeling with Specialty Material Labels from Seton!

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