Drench Hoses

Get spot rinsing exactly where you need it by using drench hoses.

Drench hoses are ideal for giving quick, targeted spot rinsing to injured workers who cannot reach a mounted eyewash shower
Simply take the drench hose spray and hold the head against the spot that needs rinsing, whether the worker is standing, sitting or prone due to exposure
Useful in manufacturing, mechanical repair, construction, and hazardous materials handling settings where a drench shower is unavailable or a proper eyewash station is out of easy reach or access
Compliant with ANSI Z358.12009 standards
Available in single and double-headed variants to suit your needs

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Need to rinse out an injured worker and can't get him to an eyewash station? Take advantage of the versatility and reach of drench hoses from Seton, the industry leader in safety and security solutions.
Drench hoses are useful tools for dealing with chemical accidents because of their non-static mounts and long flexible hoses. these are designed to deliver water or eyewash solution to workers who may be at risk or unable to stand and bring their faces (or other affected areas) into the stream from a standard eyewash station or sink.
Use Drench Hose Sprays to spot-rinse and specifically target affected areas such as eyes, mouths, open wounds, burns or other sensitive locations that may be out of the reach of a mounted eyewash.

Unlike a Drench Showers, which requires workers to wear protective clothing before exposing their affected skin, a drench hose can be inserted directly inside or under jumpsuits, clean suits, or other sealed protective garments to maximize access.

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