Topical Sprays

Heals itches, rashes and other ailments quickly and effectively

First-aid sprays are designed to provide fast and effective relief from rashes, sunburn and insect bites. These also help prevent the person from scratching the affected area, which can result in to infections and scarring. Some sprays were made specifically to soothe sunburn, but nowadays most sprays are now used for a number of applications like jellyfish stings. Pack your facility first aid kits with the proper first aid sprays. Choose the best one for your needs from Seton’s selection of products.

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Minor cuts and minor burns can be easily treated with sprays. These first aid supplies use an antiseptic to protect cuts and scrapes from infections, and provide quick relief from pain. Many variants have a no-sting formula that allow them for use on babies and children. People in your workplace may get infections or allergic reactions anytime, and first aid sprays provide fast and convenient treatment. Protect your employees and maintain a safe workplace with the proper first aid supplies. Choose the best Sprays from Seton to suit your needs.

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