Elastic Bandages

Multi-purpose bandages for sprains, strains and hard-to-bandage areas

Two relatively common workplace injuries are sprains and strains, the difference of which is a sprain occurs to the ligaments while a strain occurs to the muscles. For both types of injuries, the first aid equipment of choice is elastic bandages. Elastic bandages reduce blood flow to the injured area by providing even and localized pressure consequently limiting swelling. These types bandages can also be used to stabilize splints.

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Elastic bandages are necessary for first aid treatment of sprains and strains as well as for stabilizing splints and securing cold compresses. It is also important to know how to properly use elastic bandages. Here are some things to remember when applying them onto an injury:
Do not apply too much pressure during application. Elastic bandages should reduce blood flow to the injured area but should not be too much that it impinges on deeper arteries.
Re-apply the bandage if it gets wet or too dirty.
Take off the bandage at least twice and leave it off for a few minutes to allow blood flow back into the injured area.

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