3M Harness

3M harness for fall prevention and safe working at height

3M is a leading manufacturer of fall protection equipment. 3M harnesses are all geared for a number of industrial applications like welding, manufacturing and construction. Safety harnesses such as the Saturn Welding Harness feature specially designed elements such as welding char resistance of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Other unique 3M harness safety features includes fall arrest indicators that clearly show when a harness has been involved in a fall.

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How to properly don your 3M Harness:
1. Hold your harness by the back pad or rear D-ring and let all straps to fall into place
2. Unbuckle leg, waist and chest straps.
3. Slip torso into shoulder straps making certain the D-ring is located in between your shoulder blades.
4. Position legs into corresponding leg straps and connect each end, one leg at a time. Connect waist straps if your harness is belted after connecting the leg straps.
5. Connect chest straps. Be sure to position chest strap in mid-sternum area. Adjust the belt keeping shoulder straps taut.
6. Tighten all remaining buckles till harness fits snuggly but still allows a full range of movement. Excess straps should be passed through loop keepers.

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