Protective Sleeves

Guard your arms against potential abrasions, burns, or grime at work

Protective sleeves protect your arms from a variety of hazards including sparks, cuts, and abrasions. A variety of safety sleeves are available from tough Kevlar sleeves that keep your arms cut and scratch free to flame retardant variants which stop you from getting burns while welding or using a cutting torch. Most sleeves are easy to put on and allow your arms to breathe thus ensuring that it remains comfortable during the duration of a work shift. So take your pick from our collection of protective arm sleeves and pick up a pair or two now.

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Workers may come in contact with various substances or flying debris that can injure their arms and wrists while on the job. Protective arm sleeves provide extra protection for your arms and wrists so you can perform your tasks well without having to worry about getting hurt.

Seton offers the best in arm protection sleeves from top name brands such as Dupont®, Tillman®, Memphis®, and Wells Lamont. 100% Kevlar® brand fiber has a high tensile strength that is five times stronger than steel, making it an effective tool to prevent cuts and slashes. Kevlar® also withstands high heat temperature so the wearer is protected from burns.

When it comes to safety and security, Seton has got you covered - from the head, to the arms, to the toes!

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