Enhance employee training or certification in various job requirements

Training Kits are an all-inclusive way of training new hires on company safety policies or training existing employees to use certain types of equipment. The Confined Space Entry Kit and Forklift Certification Program provide employees with the tools needed to properly enter and work in confined spaces or to safely operate and use forklifts. The Lockout/Tagout Training Kit, Blood-borne Pathogens Training Kit, Asbestos Awareness Training Kit and Fire Prevention Program are perfect for employee certification.

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Chances are that your business periodically hires new workers or finds itself needing to retrain existing employees on new equipment or procedures.
Purchase a Kit from Seton and get all of the information in one package. Kits can help you to train new hires or reeducate the workers you already have on a variety of new job duties. Kits come in various subjects, including Confined Space Entry Training Kit, Blood borne Pathogens, Asbestos Awareness, Fire Prevention and Evacuation Programs and a host of others.

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