An affordable way to create messages in the places they're needed most

Stencils are an ideal way to mark a variety of surfaces. Stencils come in economical oil board, strong magnetic, flexible polyester or durable brass. Stencils come in letter sizes from 1/2 to 12 to create messages of various sizes. Many Stencils have pre-spaced characters for a neat, professional look.

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Just think of all the items you can Stencil in your warehouse. Doors, walls, floors, ceilings, boxes, tables, poster board, bulletin or message boards, even your fellow coworker's shirt can be stenciled! That's just how versatile Stencils from Seton can be. Choose from Stencil Spray Ink, One-Shot Stencil Applicator Kit, Brass Stencil Kit, Custom Stencils Oilboard (in several sizes), and more.

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